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Stopping by…

So much for wanting to post here every now and then. I’m afraid my new venture at SlowMama.com is keeping me busy — along with my paying job, a new part-time business I’m launching next month, some writing projects, and the stuff of life. Oh — and all that dossier paperwork I have to start on again soon.

If you haven’t visited my new virtual home, come on over. It’s been fun so far. And let me know — if you haven’t already — whether you want me to include your blog on my resource page.


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I have a new blog.

My original intention was to launch it after I was officially a mom and our kids were home — kind of a “chapter two” after Chasing Saints, if you will. But after an agent told me in January that I need a bigger platform before decent-sized publishers will touch me, I decided to get started.

I have purposely kept the space here small and relatively private. I liked it that way. It made me feel safe writing about our adoption and helped ease me into personal blogging. This was always intended to be a place for family and close friends to keep up with our adoption, as well as to connect with other Ethiopian adoptive families. That was it. I didn’t tell a lot of people about it because, frankly, I didn’t want them to visit.

But the new blog is going to be much more public — at least that’s the plan. In large part because it will be connected to some of my professional projects and roles. It’s a bit intimidating because I’m still a pretty private person and this will challenge me to put myself out there even more while creating boundaries I’m comfortable with.

It’s also daunting because I intend to blog there every day, except on weekends. I’ll be writing about a lot of things, from the sublime to the ridiculous, including our ongoing adoption adventure. You’ll probably find out more about me than you ever wanted to know. And yet, it will still only be a part of the picture, because that’s the nature of blogging it seems to me.

This new endeavor will force me to write each day; to be creative; and to build a new community of readers. Who knows where it will lead — hopefully to some publishing opportunities, among other things. Or maybe it will annoy the heck out of me after six months and I’ll throw in the towel.

Anyway, I hope you’ll stop by and visit.

As for Chasing Saints, which I feel very attached to, it will stay open for now. I plan to add short updates about the adoption here and there, and I may double post. In time, however, I expect to close this down or to make it private, using it to post info on the kids for far away family members.

By the way, if you have a personal/adoption blog and don’t mind me listing it on my new blog’s Resource page, let me know by leaving a comment here or there. You may not want your site read by the masses, therefore I won’t list you unless you say I can. But I’ll certainly keep visiting your blog regardless.

So without further ado, here’s my new site:


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