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If there’s anything worse for me than the waiting game in this adoption process, it’s the paperwork. Lordy, how I hated the paperwork stage. It’s not because it’s paperwork per se, but because for some reason I despise doing things that make no sense. Call me rational. Call me stubborn.

Now, I realize that some paperwork is necessary and important. You need to be who you say you are. The state can’t give children to crazy, unfit people. It’s a good idea to be able to prove you are not a fugitive, and you have never killed anyone.

However, there’s a whole lot of other stuff that’s just bureaucratic red tape. For example, why would we need to have our fingerprints taken again for immigration in less than two years? Do fingerprints change? Can’t you run the same fingerprints and make sure people haven’t committed a federal crime since you last checked 18 months ago? Apparently not.

All this is a run up to say that we have to do our dossier over again.

If you hear feet stomping, animal growling, and loud cursing, that would be me.

Our dossier has to be less than two years old when we go through court in Ethiopia. Given that we don’t have a referral yet and things are backlogged over there, our agency says it’s very unlikely that we’re going to get there before Ethiopia’s courts close in August and September. So… another dossier.

This means I have to order things like birth certificates again, and our marriage certificate again. I have to get letters of reference again. Financial reports. Every damn piece of paper, once received, has to be sent back to its respective state for certification. Then most things need to be notarized. Some things have to be certified on a county level, depending on where the document comes from. Then, if I recall correctly, everything has to be brought to the Secretary of State in Maryland.

All of this costs money. Including fees to our agency for processing.

So, I’m not a happy little camper.

Forcing myself to look on the bright side, I can only think this second time around will be easier because we’ve done it before.

Still, waaaahhhhhhhh!!!!


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Catching up

It’s been a while. So much going on here and blogging ended up low on the priority list.

Let’s start with some good news: On Friday we got some relief from our work woes, allowing us to breathe a little easier. We are grateful. 2011 has been no picnic so far.

On the adoption front, there is, of course, no news. Unless you count the fact that things have slowed down even more. The ministry responsible for investigating adoption cases and making recommendations to the court, announced they were significantly reducing the number of cases they would handle each day from over 35 to 5. Which means big time delays. However, the ministry has new staff and they’re apparently doing about 20 cases each day now to clear the backlog. So we’ll see what they decide is their new standard going forward. Kelly at Uninterrupted Prosperity has a good summary of the situation here.

I take nothing for granted in this process. I don’t even take for granted that this adoption is going to happen. Preparing myself for the worse-case scenario is probably just a coping mechanism. But I also think it’s realistic. The process has been anything but predictable and stable, and therefore, until we get off that plane with two little Ethiopian babies, I’m not counting on anything. Hope and certainty are not even close to the same thing.

Here‘s a troubling story a friend sent me last week. It’s made rounds on a few international news channels. A radical Muslim group attacked Christians and burned down 59 churches in the southwest part of Ethiopia. Sad to hear since Ethiopia has reportedly been the rare place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews have lived among each other in relative peace for a long time.

Something else I wanted to point out was this guest post on a blog I visit called Rage Against the Minivan. I could see myself venting about similar things on the other side of our adoption, and I thought this mom articulated her points well.

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Ash Wednesday

Today the season of Lent begins. I feel like we’ve been living Lent for about six months already, so I’m not taking on too much this year. It’s enough for me right now to go deeper into what God has clearly been asking me for — to surrender, to choose gratitude, to live in the present.

Nevertheless, I do have a way of living the season… I give up sweets, treats, and alcohol. I do some spiritual reading (still haven’t decided on what this year), and make attempts to get back to more regular prayer time. This Lent, two churches I like are doing evening programs that look edifying, so I’ll be checking them out.

If you celebrate Lent, I hope it’s a rich one, and if not, please enjoy all the chocolate I’ll be missing!

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16 months

I’m beginning to think we should have a cake and light some candles or something.

Yesterday I put all of the adoption paperwork for our I600A renewal in the mail. Never thought we’d be doing that.

Waiting seems to be the name of the game for us these days. We’re not only waiting for a referral, but waiting on a couple of other important things to resolve themselves. Waiting for results over which you have no control is uncomfortable to say the least. I can see how the waiting I’ve had to do in my past has prepared me for this, and this waiting will no doubt prepare me for the future. I’ll be a pro by the end of my life:

God: And what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?

Me: Well, I mastered the skill of waiting. I’m an expert. I can teach anyone here how to wait without giving into panic attacks, depression, or fits of rage.

God: Too bad there’s no such thing as time here or we could really use something like that. Got anything else you can contribute?

So, yes, 16 months. And counting…

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Fun on a Friday

At the risk of making any male readers here uncomfortable, here’s a conversation I had while freezing my little tush off in a johnny shirt at my ob-gyn’s office this morning:

Dr. C: Well, it’s been a long time since you were here, we should probably check for STDs.

Me: Um, that’s a little strange since I’ve been married for nine years and my husband and I don’t really leave the house.

Dr. C: Well, you did leave the house now didn’t you… you’re here in my office.

Me: I suppose you’re right. Who knows what I could be up to when I say I’m going for a pap smear at 10:30AM.

Oh, but those appointments are fun. No wonder I drag my butt in there so infrequently.

Happy Friday!

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